MAX-GRIP Anti-Slip Tile Treatment


When MAX-GRIP is applied to a ceramic tiled surface the following chemical reaction occurs. The surface of the tile is micro etched, which provides an anti slip, slip resistant effect to the surface when wet. Quite simply put, we create a tread pattern within the surface. Once treated with MAX-GRIP, the surface has been altered permanently (depending on the integrity/quality of the tile) to provide a slip-resistant finish that becomes part of the surface. With this treatment a slight loss of glaze or colour may occur in some tiles – a sample treatment is always offered to gauge this variation. We suggest you inspect the treated tile when wet and dry to ensure you are happy with the finished product.

After treating the tiles, we seal them with our revolutionary Max-Impregnation Water Based Sealer, which helps protect the tile from contaminants and makes cleaning easier, the sealer does not alter the slip resistance that we have created with Max-Grip

The surface treated will be warranted to remain slip-resistant when wet to meet AS/NZS 4586:2004 & Duty of Care Legislation, for a period of FIVE years or the effective life of the tile subject to the integrity of the tile and correct cleaning methods being followed. Because MAX-GRIP has created a tread pattern in the top of the tile, as the tile wears down, so does the effect of MAX-GRIP.


It is important that a surface treated with MAX-GRIP is not allowed to become dirtier than normal or contaminated with food, oils and fats as these will negate the system. Spills can be cleaned up immediately as there is no need to fear water on a MAX-GRIP treated floor. To ensure long life of the treatment, it is important that a non-residual cleaning product be utilised (we use and recommend Max-Clean 101.) A guide to cleaning and maintenance is available on request.