MAX-ULTRA High Traction Sealer




Wet Look Sealer Finish

Summary of Advantages:

Ultra Traction you can feel under your feet immediately. Wearing leather feels like rubber soles underfoot Easy maintenance programme to help you maintain slip resistance for the life of the floor to the Australian Standards for wet or dry slip resistance.

Dirt hold out is superior to anything we have tested, floors stay cleaner longer without the need for harsh cleaning products. This adds up to longer life for floors that look brilliant, longer.

The current risk management climate and requirement for property managers, building owners and BSCs to meet Australian Standards for slip resistance, which includes the wet slip testing component, have combined to create an urgent need for a floor coating that produces a safe indoor surface to walk on.

The development project over the last two and a half years using scientific data from the CSIRO, Pendulum and Tortus 11 test equipment, helped us build a scientific model that we could readily measure and steadily improve our prototype coatings .The final result is that FILMSTAR, when using the FILMSTAR maintenance programme, consistently exceeds both Australian and New Zealand Standards 4663-2002 (Dry Test) and 3661-1-1993 (Wet Test). In real terms this means that building owners can fight back against the tide of litigation that has affected public liability insurance costs over the last three years.

Maintainance instructions & training for cleaning staff when project is completed.